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The Castellarnau church is a community of people who have found their reason for living in Jesus. Together, as a family, we seek a way to live and transmit the teachings that He has shown us with his example. We understand that the happiness of the human being is found in God, that is why, among other activities, every Sunday we gather to have a time of celebration and search for God. It is a space open to anyone who wishes to attend, no invitation is required, and it responds to the deepest needs of the human being. You dare? you will be welcome


prayer service

Starting at 8:00 p.m.


Bible study:

Starting at 11:00

worship service:

from 18:00

Where we are

C/Luther king 75
08206 Sabadell

There will be no prayer service on Thursdays in August

There will be no Bible study on Sundays in July and August.

Reunión de personal de iglesia
Personal experiences

When you let the Lord enter your life...

Estudiar la biblia
we study the bible

Learn to be an agent of change in our society in light of biblical principles...

Equipo multimedia iglesia

Sermons, talks, conferences….

Listen to our sermons:

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